The UCT 130 Challenge

130 Challenge Newsletter – December
130 Challenge Newsletter – October

Help us celebrate UCT’s 130th anniversary by taking part in the 130 Challenge! It is a celebration of our members and councils and their commitment to fraternalism. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for others to learn more about UCT.

The 130 Challenge begins August 1, 2017 and continues through June 1, 2018. The goal is to increase membership, expand community service efforts and raise awareness about UCT. Any level of participation is welcomed and encouraged.

The challenge consists of four categories.


  • Sponsor 1-3 new or reinstated members. A reinstated member must have been out at least 24 months for the sponsors to receive credit.
    • RECRUIT: Your friends, family, co-workers, church members, other people who enjoy being active in their community
  • Participate in the UCT Ways of Giving: Complete 13 hours of community service during the challenge year and donate up to 130 items to a local charity.
    • Your community service hours can be broken down into a couple of hours a month or one big event.
    • THINK: Food banks, hospitals, church, library, anything you like to do in your free time that benefits your community
  • Submit three pictures of yourself in action

Local Councils:

  • Participate in the UCT Ways of Giving: Each council completes at least 130 hours of community service during the challenge year and donates at least $130 and/or donates 130 items to a local organization in UCT’s name.
  • Submit 10 pictures of your council in action
  • Host a social hour for all new members. (These are the new members that your current members are signing up as part of the challenge or anyone else who is new to UCT.)
    • This can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, even a coffee hour. We want you to take the time to welcome new members and explain what UCT is, what we do and why we do it. Let’s get those new members involved on day one!
  • Get at least one commissionable-insured member to become an active fraternal member of your council. The Community Outreach Managers can help you identify these members. **In areas where commissionable products are
    not available, local councils will be required to sign up a new fraternal member under the age of 40.

Board of Governors:

  • Each board member is challenged to become a Drummer – sign up 10 new or reinstated members
  • Participate in a community service day with fellow board members
  • Submit three pictures of yourself in action

UCT Home Office:

  • Participate in the UCT Ways of Giving: Complete at least 130 hours of community service and donate $130 monthly to a local organization
  • Raise enough money to award two May E. Tisdale scholarships
  • Submit 130 photos of UCT employees in action

Most of the requirements for this challenge are things that you and your council are already doing, we’re just incorporating it into a fun way for everyone to get involved. We want you to enjoy this, while helping us expand UCT’s presence across North America.

The 130 Challenge wouldn’t be complete without some prizes! The first 10 local councils (maybe more) to complete all of the council challenge requirements will receive a pop-up banner. Also, we will be recognizing members and councils throughout the year for their challenge achievements in the Sample Case, on our website and on Facebook. Members who complete the challenge and plan to attend the 2018 UCT convention will be invited to the 130 Celebration. Councils who complete the challenge will have representative(s) invited to the 130 Celebration as well. Finally, anyone or any council who goes above and beyond during this 130 Challenge will receive a special award for their dedication. There will probably be some other surprises along the way too!

You will have about 10 months to complete the 130 Challenge. We ask that all results be submitted by Friday, June 8, 2018. To make sure you get everything turned in, we created this form for you to fill out and submit electronically. Individual members can submit the form as you go or turn it in once you have completed everything. Local councils that are participating, we would like to have the form submitted every month – that way we know who is participating and we can help you complete the requirements. (REMEMBER: the first 10 local councils to complete the challenge, get that pop-up banner – if your council already has one, we will find an alternative prize.) Local council secretaries will be receiving a stack of the forms in the mail that can be distributed at your council meeting for members who would like to fill out the forms manually and mail them in.

Questions, concerns, suggestions? Please feel free to contact Kate Chillinsky or the fraternal staff. We’ve created a special email address just for the 130 Challenge:

Download form for the 130 Challenge: 130 Challenge Report Form Fillable