Council News

Recent & future events for Coldwater Council 452:

  •  Michigan Grand (Regional State) Convention was held on Memorial weekend in Chelsea this year. Next year (2015) it will be held at Evergreen (formerly McGuire’s) Resort in Cadillac. Looking to see everyone there.
  • Supreme Convention was held in Schaumburg IL. last year at the beginning of July. Our own Robert Kellogg was installed as the coming year’s Supreme Counselor (National President)! This year’s convention was held in Columbus, OH, the birthplace and the Home Office of UCT. Brother Robert chaired the convention this year and following was elected as Chairman of the Board of Governors. This year will complete his 6th year as an Officer.
  • We partnered with the Bronson Polish Festival to help host the Kid’s Day events on Friday, July 18 this year. It was a very successful event.
  • Color Wheel fundraiser at the Branch Co. Fair for local programs support in early August.
  • Annual Mike Pierson Memorial Golf Outing will be held on August 17 at the Bella Vista Golf Course in Coldwater, MI.
  • Partner with Younker’s Community Days fundraising sale in November . Sell $5.00 coupon books with all profits to local council Cancer donations, including Branch County Hospice and Relay for Life
  • Halloween Haunted Temple Fundraiser – Proceeds to Cancer support