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Alternative Council Training Session a HUGE Success!


The first ever UCT Alternative Council Training Session, held at the home office in October, was a huge success! Over 18 alternative council officers and members from across the U.S. attended and walked away with valuable information about UCT including our history, traditions and structure; our insurance aspect and products; our member benefits and scholarships; and officer duties, council expectations and more! 

We are confident that every member left with a complete and better understanding of UCT – and with an excitement to share this information with their council members.  We see the session helping our new members in talking about UCT, sharing our story and being better able to recruit new members. Feedback from the session helped us at the home office recognize the obstacles these new councils face and to better understand how we can assist them in their efforts.  

The training session also allowed members to network, share success stories, and even offer guidance to other members. Contact information was shared, and several councils talked about collaborating on community service efforts in the near future. 

Here are some comments we received from some of the members who attended:

Dave Chase – Secretary of the Valencia S.N.A.P. Flyers Council #2011 in Valencia, CA:  “What a rewarding, exciting and energizing weekend!”

Marc Malin – President of the Veteran’s Council #2001 in Scottsdale, AZ:  “Great job! All of us were impressed with the historical and philanthropic standards that UCT has met and set for the future with “member and staff directed community service”. UCT is a “powerful force for good.” The UCT staff put on a superb event that was a lot of fun and educational. The food, accommodations, presentations, and networking were all first cabin and greatly appreciated. “The alternative councils are the future of UCT.””

Mike Hickey – member of Tri-City Council #2002 in Annapolis, MD:  “I was impressed by everyone’s desire to serve others and the professionalism of everyone. I felt very much like I was among family with people that I had just gotten to know.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories and ideas and thanks especially to the UCT staff and leadership for their work on providing this valuable training session and giving the alternative councils an platform to serve our communities.”

John Stevenson – Secretary of Pittsburgh Special Hockey Council #2006 in Pittsburgh, PA:  “I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing what some of the other councils were doing.  It was interesting listening to all of the stories and how  very comfortable everyone made it to share information.  The training was wonderful and all of the UCT staff really made us feel welcome.  I wish everyone the best.”

Abigail Ruggles – Secretary of Golden Keys Council #2010 in Valencia, CA:  “Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet everyone and discuss ideas! Thank you to everyone that participated, this training session was an invaluable experience; I feel confident and energized for my council and I can’t wait to get out there and do some good! ( and get some name recognition!) “

Beverly Sorrells – President of Blazing Paddles Council #2012 in Miami, FL:  “Thanks again for all your help in coordinating the alternate council event.  It was great meeting you and the others.  I gained a better understanding of UCT and its mission and am proud to be a part of it!” 


At the end of the day, the training session turned out to be a great event! We look forward to hosting many more!


Thanks for reading!

Jen Szymczak – Community Outreach Manager

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