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As we get close to Thanksgiving, many people take time to think about the good things in their lives; what they have to be thankful for. At UCT we have selected Thursdays as the day to post on our facebook page various things that we are thankful for. Thankful Thursday posts have been very popular.

In recent weeks we have posted about members of our new councils, our UCT Gives Back Again contest, UCT members volunteering at soup kitchens, and our Alliance council sponsoring the Great Pumpkin run. UCT members have always been focused on community service and giving back, and we are thankful for all of their efforts over the years.

Our Disaster Relief Fund and Widows and Orphans Fund have provided benefits to our members for over a century. Many members have been thankful to have had that assistance in times of need.

We have also provided scholarships to many deserving students over the past fifty years, and many of them have expressed their thanks for that financial assistance.

Most of us have many things to be thankful for. What about you? What are you thankful for? 

We at UCT wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope all of you take the opportunity to recognize your blessings.

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