UCT local councils are getting social – and you should too!

More and more of our UCT local councils are getting on board with social media, particularly Facebook. Many councils have created Facebook groups and are actively posting UCT information for current and potential members. Setting up a Facebook group is easy – and it’s free. Posting can be a brief comment or photos with details of an event in which your council participated or maybe even sponsored.

A few quick tips to enhance your engagement:

Don’t wait for people to find you. Reach out and invite your friends and councils members to “like” your page. The more Facebook followers you have, the more opportunities there are to share information. Also, invite home office staff to follow you. We like to share the information with our friends too. We are all on Facebook just waiting for your invitation.

Share photos and video! Just about everyone has the ability to take photos and record videos on their cell phones. These are easy to share on Facebook, and you can invite your Facebook family into the event while it’s happening. 

Tag your photos with the names of the people in the pictures. Every time you tag a photo, that person’s Facebook friends are notified that they are in the picture. This is an excellent way to reach out to people who may, for the first time, see what your council is all about.

Share information about your UCT local council events and/or volunteer projects. Give your council’s history if this is a project or event in which you have participated in the past. Let people know about the impact you have in your community.

For our councils on Facebook, tell us about your Facebook experiences.

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