Wondering What it Takes to Win the UCT Gives Back Video Contest? READ TIPS!! TIPS!! TIPS!!

Wondering what it takes to make a winning video for the UCT Gives Back Video Contest for Special Hockey Teams? Here are some tips that will help you to increase your odds of winning!

1. Read the Rules Carefully

Before you start planning your contest-winning video, read through the rules carefully, including:
o End Date: How long do you have to put the video together before the contest ends?
o Video Length: How long should the video be?
o Format: Do you have to submit a tape, post your entry on YouTube, or upload it to a site?
o File Size: Are there restrictions about how large the file can be?
o Other Considerations: Do you have to add music? Include a certain product? Avoid copyrighted material? Can others participate? What specifics need to be addressed?

2. Review the Judging Criteria

The next important thing to know is how the videos will be judged. Some video contests will have specific guidelines. Make sure you read the rules and understand what the sponsor and judges are looking for. Once you know what the sponsor is looking for, you can start crafting your video contest entry.

3. Determine How the Winner Will Be Selected

One last thing to consider before starting to write your script is who will be doing the actual judging. Will it be a panel of judges hired by the sponsor? Will the video contest winners be determined by a voting that’s open to the general public? Or both? Knowing this ahead of time can help you create the most appealing video that you can.

4. Come Up with a Moving Story

Now, it’s time to brainstorm. Keeping in mind the judging criteria, think of a short but powerful story that fits in with the theme of the contest and really connects with the viewers. Humor is often good, since people love to laugh, and a video that makes them feel good will have an advantage. But you could also try to tug on the heart strings with a sad story, or to appeal to the audience’s sense of fairness, determination or courage to give just a few ideas. Most important is to have a gripping story that people will want to watch from beginning to end.

5. Start With a Strong Hook

Once you have your basic storyline, think about a really gripping way to start your video entry. If you can really captivate your audience in the first few seconds, you’re well on your way to winning your video contest.

6. When Possible, Flatter Sponsors

If it’s appropriate, mention the video contest’s sponsor in your story, use one of their products as a prop, or even just have it in the background. Especially when the video will be judged by the sponsor, this can be an excellent and easy way to earn some points.

7. Write Your Script

Now that you have a basic outline of what you want to talk about, write a script. A script will help prevent you from stumbling over your words when you film your video. Practice reading the script in front of a mirror until you have it down pat – you don’t want to read directly from your paper while you’re filming your video contest entry or you’ll run the risk of sounding stiff and wooden.

8. Test for Timing

After you’ve run through your script often enough that you are familiar with it, test how long it takes you to read through it. Will your script fit into the maximum length of the video?

9. Rewrite as Necessary

At this point, you’ll tinker with your script to remove any awkward phrases, and to cut it down to the right length, if necessary. It’s a good idea to practice your script in front of friends or family members, to see if they have a good reaction to your story.

10. Consider Your Setting

No matter how great your video is, you will hurt your chances of winning contests if your background is messy, unattractive, unclear or otherwise distracting. Choose a plain backdrop like a white wall or a solid-colored door, or consider filming in a pretty location outdoors.

11. Film Your Video

After your script is polished and perfect and you’ve practiced it to the point where you can say your lines in a natural and animated way, it’s time to actually do the filming. It’s best if you can enlist the help of a friend or family member to do the camera work for you. Make sure you have good lighting so that people can see you clearly, but without glare. You might want to try filming several different “takes” and selecting the one you like best to submit to the video contest.

12. Submit Your Video to the Contest – And Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Once you’ve filmed a video that you’re happy with, double-checked that you’ve followed all of the contest guidelines, and are ready to go – upload your video to the contest and hope for the best.

Additional Tips:

You don’t need an expensive video camera to participate in video contests. Many digital cameras, and even cell phones, have the ability to record video.

What You Need:
• Video camera, digital camera, or cell phone with video capability.
• Good lighting.
• A clean and tidy area to use as a backdrop.

Stayed tuned for more information on the UCT Gives Back Video Contest, tip, suggestions, rules and more! Thanks for reading, and good luck! #uctgivesback

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