Posted on May 2021

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The Ann Marshall Scholarship Program grants its first awards

Posted May, 2021 by: Linda Fisher

The Ann Marshall Scholarship Program was created in 2020 to fill the void left by the suspension of UCT’s May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund by awarding scholarships to members and the children and grandchildren of members. The program was named after Fraternal and Scholarship Coordinator Ann Marshall because she helped to administer UCT’s scholarship programs for many years and was dedicated to… Continue Reading…

Despite a worldwide pandemic, UCT members impact their local communities

Posted May, 2021 by: Linda Fisher

It’s been a tough year, and at times it has felt like the world is unraveling. Whether it’s been dealing with sickness, separation from family and other loved ones, social distancing, working from home for the first time, and/or trying to homeschool kids, it hasn’t been easy. We’re all struggling to get back to something close to normal and, hopefully, we’re on… Continue Reading…

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