How to Join UCT

join-uctWhen you join UCT, you connect with tens of thousands of UCT members who strive to make a difference in their local communities. You can get involved with an existing UCT local council in your area or join with others to form your own council. Members decide on a local basis which causes and charities to support. Membership is $30 annually with $12 of each membership going back into your community.

Join a council
UCT has nearly 200 local councils throughout North America. When you join UCT, you become a member of a local council closest to you. All UCT local councils give back to their local communities. To learn what’s happening in your area, find a UCT local council near you.

Form a council
To form your own UCT local council, all you need is ten members and a passion to give back to your local community. Make a difference with your friends and family while benefiting from the opportunities, programs and discounts that UCT offers. For more information contact Kate Chillinsky at 800.848.0123 x1148 or at

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