What is ACT/UCT?


UCT is a fraternal benefit society with nearly 55,000 members in the U.S. and Canada. Our members volunteer to enhance their communities through community service, charitable fundraising and helping those in need. Members decide on a local basis which causes and charities to support and how to best meet the needs of their communities. UCT offers community service opportunities, member benefits and financial products to people from all walks of life.

ACT/UCT is about YOU. You can make a difference by volunteering in your community.

Charity Budget for 2022/23
Alley Cats 500
ALS Society 500
BC Cancer Foundation 1,000
BC Family Hearing Center 1,000
Brain Trust Foundation 5,000
Central Okan. Bursary Society 3,000
Central Okan. Emergency Shelter 1,000
Crime Stoppers 500
Gospel Mission 500
Harmony House 1,000
Jubilee Med. Fnd. Senior. Prgm. 500
KGH Fdn. (Pediatric Dept.) 1,000
Family Resource Center.  Vernon 500
Tiny Tots Travelers Village 500
Salvation Army 2,000
S. Okan. Similkimeen Med. Fdtn 500
Starbright Child Dev. Car 1,000
Special Requests 460
Grand total 20,460

Donation of $1000 to Kelowna General hospital foundation

l – Colleen cowman – Dir. of planning & giving

Sheila falk – act charity charperson

John grant – act vice president


Donation $5000 Braintrust l-r Amanda McFarlane-BT, Penny Pearston - ACT, Rick Warner - UCT Pres., Sheila Falk - ACT, John Grant - ACT, Susan Warner - ACT, Lydia Wood - BT Donation $5000 Braintrust Canada

l-r Amanda mcfarlane bt, Penny pearston – ACT, rick warner – act president,

Sheila Falk – ACT, John Grant – ACT, Susan Warner – ACT, Lydia Wood – BT


Council Contact Information

Rick Warner – President  Ph. 236-420-2161

Rick Warner – Treasurer – Ph. 236-420-2161  e mail: warnersandr@shaw.ca

John Grant – Newsletter Editor – Ph 250-769-4753  e mail: jgrant53@telus.net