What is ACT/UCT?


UCT is a fraternal benefit society with nearly 55,000 members in the U.S. and Canada. Our members volunteer to enhance their communities through community service, charitable fundraising and helping those in need. Members decide on a local basis which causes and charities to support and how to best meet the needs of their communities. UCT offers community service opportunities, member benefits and financial products to people from all walks of life.

ACT/UCT is about YOU. You can make a difference by volunteering in your community.

Donations Made by ACT/UCT #1003 Club for 2018/19

ALS Society – 500.00
B.C. Cancer Foundation – 1000.00
B.C. Family Hearing Centre – 1000.00
Brain Trust Foundation of the Okan. – 5000.00
Central Okan. Bursary Society – 2975.00
Central Okan. Emergency Shelter – 1000.00
Gospel Mission – 500.00
Harmony House – 1000.00
Jubilee Med. Fdtn. Seniors Prog. – 500.00
KGH Foundation (Paediatric Dept.) – 1000.00
Family Resource Centre Vernon – 500.00
Kelowna Stroke Recovery Branch – 1000.00
Tiny Tots Travelers Village – 500.00
Salvation Army – 2000.00
S. Okan. Similkimeen Med. Foundation – 1000.00
Alley CATS Alliance Society – 3000.00
Starbright Children’s Dev. Centre – 660.00

Grand Total       $ 21,975.00   

Braintrust Canada Recognizes ACT/UCT @1003
l – David Roseberry ACT/UCT, centre right – Magda Kapp – Braintrust Canada (w/nametag)

We have donated $15,000 over the last 3 years to Braintrust Canada for their bicycle helmet program in order to give the children who can’t afford a helmet a chance to have one. We have also given over $52,000 to the Kelowna General Hospital and an equal amount to the B.C. Cancer Foundation along with over $20,000 to the Salvation Army. In all we have donated over $1,000,000 to community charities since receiving our charter in 1975. We at ACT/UCT Kelowna West 1003 are proud to be a part of the community in such a beneficial way.

BrainTrust Canada and The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Okanagan Chapter, in honour of their fourth Annual Philanthropy Day, Tuesday, November 13th recognized ACT/UCT member Dave Roseberry and the ACT/UCT Kelowna West Council #1003 for their Philanthropy efforts in our community and especially for their ongoing relationship and support of BrainTrust Canada’s Helmet Program to reduce preventable brain injuries for youth by providing bike helmets for those who cannot afford them. We have committed $5000.00 a year over 3 years and possibly beyond to fund this project. Over the years, ACT/UCT has donated in excess of $1,000,000.00 to local charities in the 44 years of its existence and in addition to that, hundreds of volunteer hours to the community.

Council Contact Information

Susan Warner – President  Ph. 236-420-2161

Rick Warner – Treasurer – Ph. 236-420-2161  e mail: warnersandr@shaw.ca

John Grant – Newsletter Editor – Ph 250-769-4753  e mail: jgrant53@telus.net