Local News & Events

Our Local Council supports a variety of local and national causes and charities, including:

  • Columbus Sports Classic – Special Olympics
  • Holy Family Soup Kitchen
  • Mid-Ohio Food Bank
  • Scholarships for special education teachers
  • American Cancer Society – Columbus

 Senior Counselor Message

Senior Counselor letter 


Council dinner meetings: (See Senior Counselor letter above)


On Dec. the 9th the Council held a Youth Christmas Party with Santa in attendance.

Our thoughts and congratulations go out to Ken and Rita Milliser- PGC where Ken was elected to the Supreme Board as a new Director/ Sentinel. 



Columbus Council for the third straight year received the highest award for Council activities and a membership gain. The Gold Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor

 Columbus also received a certificate for participating in a Join Hands event with the youth at Livingston Elementary school.

Join Hands Day