A Brand New UCT — New Look Is Part of UCT’s Strategy for Growth

COLUMBUS, October 2010 — UCT has a new look, which includes an updated logo and repositioned brand image! This refreshed image is part of our initiative to expand awareness of our organization in local communities and increase membership and volunteer involvement across the U.S. and Canada.”Feedback from internal and external sources indicated that we needed a fresh, consistent brand to appeal to new prospective members of multiple generations,” UCT’s CEO Joe Hoffman said. “Using market research we were able to develop a new brand that has been shown to appeal across generational lines. Having a consistent look and feel in all marketing materials and efforts will help us reach new target markets and attract new members.”

UCT members throughout the U.S. and Canada directly benefit the communities in which they live through volunteering. Our vibrant new logo and tagline – UCT: Where Community and Compassion Unite — reflect our commitment to bringing together like-minded people to make a difference in their communities. We’re also updating our website — effective in October – at www.uct.org to engage prospective members and inform them about how they can help their communities through involvement with UCT.

The new brand is a key component of UCT’s plan to increase our visibility and make local communities stronger by attracting and mobilizing new members that want to volunteer. Another key element includes the hiring of community outreach managers to work with local council volunteer coordinators to develop and implement volunteer opportunities to appeal to multiple generations. Introducing new member benefits that are attractive to a larger audience is yet another component of the plan.

“This is a time of rejuvenation for UCT,” Hoffman explained. “Through our new look and new messaging, the general public will gain a better understanding of our good works and impact in our communities. As more people become aware of UCT, they’ll want to become part of our efforts. This will enable us to make a difference in more lives and in more communities. Bright days are ahead.”

New UCT Logo

The new logo is a registered trademark of UCT. Because of its trademark status, maintaining the integrity of the logo is important. You shouldn’t modify or alter the logo in any way, including proportions, colors, graphic elements, or type fonts. Please refer to the attached UCT Style Guidelines regarding logo use. If you have questions or want a copy of the logo, contact the Public Relations Department at lfisher@uct.org or at (800) 848-0123, ext. 130.

New UCT Tagline

UCT: Where Community and Compassion Unite

New UCT Positioning Statement

UCT is an international member-benefit organization uniting people with a common passion for good citizenship and volunteerism to improve their local communities.