UCT’s Dental, Vision & Hearing Expense Insurance – the right choice for you

UCT understands that many businesses, employees, and self-employed and retired individuals in the U.S. are experiencing the effects of rising healthcare costs and reduced benefits.
We know the importance of dental, vision and hearing care and the impact these have on a person’s overall health. That’s why we developed our own Dental, Vision & Hearing Expense Insurance.This plan is all about choice – the ability for individuals ages 18-84 to choose your deductibles and your benefits. You may choose between a $0 or $100 policy year deductible, and you may choose a policy year maximum benefit of $750, $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000. And you have the freedom to visit the doctor of your choice.

In addition to covering dental, vision and hearing expenses, the plan offers a household discount, it’s guaranteed renewable for life, and you have a 30-day right to examine and return the policy.

This plan could be the right choice for you. For more details contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@uct.org or at (800) 848-0123, ext. 300.