2019 UCT Heaston Scholarship winners announced

The 2019 UCT Heaston Scholarship recipients, who will receive a combined total of $48,000, have been announced. Congratulations to:

Charlsie Doan
The Jack & Betty Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $6,000 per year for four years/ University of Virginia

Kaneisha Perry
The Betty Y. Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for four years/ Trinity Christian College

Abigail Buhain
The Jack Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for four years / University of Mary

The UCT Heaston Scholarship Program was established in 2013 to help high school graduates achieve their dreams of a college education. A major criterion for the scholarships is for applicants to show evidence of hard work and overcoming personal obstacles to achieve their goals. Applicants need to discuss their academic careers and extracurricular activities – and provide examples of hard work, challenges they have had to face, and persistence in the face of adversity. Examples of commitment to community service are also required.

Scholarships are awarded to students with the equivalent of high school senior status. Students must be enrolled and entering a college program in the coming academic year. All funds disbursed are to be used for school-related expenses and are sent directly to the college/university.