The May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund closes its books after 60 years

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 2020 – 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund (Formerly the May E. Tisdale Educational Trust Fund), which awards college scholarships to the children and grandchildren of UCT members. Supported through memorials, gifts and donations, the fund was established by UCT’s Supreme Auxiliary and is administered by Auxiliary Past International Presidents.

Over its 60-year run, the fund has awarded nearly $700,000 in assistance to help more than 1,200 students attain their dreams of a college education. The number of scholarships given each year has varied according to contributions received. This year, thanks to the generosity of individuals and councils and a generous bequest from the estate of Mary Wagner, scholarships totaling $115,000 were awarded to 46 recipients.

In 1958 May E. Tisdale, the first president of UCT’s Ladies’ Auxiliary, helped to develop and present to the auxiliary the idea of a scholarship fund that would provide assistance to the children and grandchildren of UCT members pursuing college educations. In 1960, the auxiliary’s silver anniversary, the plan for the May E. Tisdale Educational Trust Fund was presented and approved.

Amazingly, the scholarship fund started out with just $17.50 in its coffers. Through the decades the fund has been perpetuated by gifts, donations, and memorial contributions and has been administered by a committee of Auxiliary Past International Presidents. Scholarship awards have ranged from $50 for one recipient in 1961 to this year’s $2,800 each to nearly 50 recipients.

Sadly, we must announce that this year will be the final year the May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund grants awards.

“In celebration of the 60th anniversary of our committee, we are elated that we can be so generous, but find it is time to close the books on this chapter of the auxiliary,” said Auxiliary Past International President Sandy Stough, who also heads the committee. “We have been honored to be a part of this great organization for so many years and the generosity and kindnesses extended to us has been overwhelming.

We are extremely proud of all the children and grandchildren of UCT members who have been helped through the fund. The Supreme Auxiliary was created to give women an opportunity to experience what could be accomplished in the bigger world. This committee feels that we have achieved a great deal with the scholarship fund and that we have created a lasting legacy. I think May Tisdale would be very pleased with what we have done.”