UCT’s annual convention takes a different track in 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 2020 – It was a UCT convention unlike any other. Nearly 150 UCT members enjoyed the safety and comfort of their homes while taking part in the 2020 convention conference call on June 27 to discuss the business necessary to keep our organization running seamlessly for another year.

An earlier edict issued by the Board of Governors cancelled the face-to-face annual convention in Lexington, Kentucky, and moved it to a conferencing call-in session. While there were some bumps along the way, UCT President Mary Applegate did an excellent job of keeping the meeting on track.

With the passage of Resolution #1, The UCT Board of Governors maintained their positions for the ensuing year. Board members are:

UCT President – Mary Applegate, Southeastern
UCT Vice President – Dianna Wolfe, Wisconsin
UCT Chairman of the Board – Chris Phelan, ACT-UCT
UCT Secretary-Treasurer – Steve Desselles, Mississippi-Louisiana
UCT Director – Kenneth Milliser, Ohio
UCT Director – Stanna Funk, Colorado-Wyoming
UCT Director – David Van Order, Ohio
UCT Board of Governors – Glenn Suever, Michigan
UCT Board of Governors – David Syrota, ACT-UCT
UCT Chaplain – Bernie Regenbogen, Atlantic

It was announced during the conference call that if it is safe to travel and gather, the 2021 UCT convention will take place June 17-21 at the Hyatt Regency Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky. Fingers crossed we get to see everyone next year!