Posted on June 2014

UCT in Action

Making a Difference Together

Recognizing members for giving back!

Posted June, 2014 by: Linda Fisher

Every year in July, UCT members from across North America gather for our annual UCT Convention. The convention is a perfect mix of socializing, networking, taking care of business, and recognizing the accomplishments of members helping their communities. This year’s convention takes place in UCT’s “home town” of Columbus, Ohio, and here to talk a little bit about it is Fraternal Director… Continue Reading…

Roots & Shoots

Posted June, 2014 by: UCT

Everyone knows her as the lady who lived with the chimpanzees and have watched her National Geographic Specials, but what many don’t realize is that Dr. Jane Goodall has established one of the most far-reaching volunteer organizations for young people called Roots & Shoots. I became aware of the Roots & Shoots program while watching a documentary on Dr. Goodall. I was so… Continue Reading…

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