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You get more than just insurance with UCT. You get the good feeling from giving back to local communities. UCT is a non-profit fraternal benefit society. Unlike most for-profit insurance companies, our policyholders are members who join together to give back to their local communities. Our non-profit status means that instead of paying dividends to shareholders, our insurance operations help support members’ local community service efforts across North America.

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Critical Illness & Cancer

Even with excellent medical insurance, just one critical illness or cancer occurrence can be devastating and can damage one’s financial standing. If a covered occurrence happens, you’ll welcome a cash benefit to help pay for numerous expenses you’ll face. A critical illness or cancer insurance policy can help you cover these unexpected costs, leaving your family savings intact. You choose the level of coverage you want: $5,000 to $50,000 in increments of $1,000, and this is what we pay you in the event you suffer a critical illness or cancer occurrence. Issue ages are 18-64. Benefits are paid on top of your other medical insurance and won’t affect disability insurance benefits.

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Dental & Vision + Hearing

Are you 0-84 years old? Are you without group benefits or were your benefits lost at retirement? Are you a contractor or self-employed? If so, our New Generation Dental & Vision Insurance (hearing rider included) could be perfect for you. Choose a $0 or $100 policy year deductible and a policy year maximum benefit of $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or $2,500 that meets your needs.

This plan pays in addition to any other coverage. There are no networks and you choose the provider. Children may be covered under this plan on an individual basis.

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Final Expense

Help protect loved ones from final expenses – Ideal for covering final expenses, this insurance plan offers a level death benefit with fixed premiums. This permanent plan can give you peace of mind, knowing that your family will not be burdened with burial expenses and other costs of settling your estate. This plan uses a simplified application process that does not normally require any medical examination. Minimum issue amount is $3,000 with a maximum of $25,000.

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance — Plans A, B, C, D, F, G and N

If you’re age 65 or older, you face a number of options when it comes to health care. The Medicare program wasn’t intended to pay entire hospital, doctor or nursing home bills. You may need supplemental insurance to pay expenses not covered by Medicare. Our Medicare supplement plans make choosing the right coverage easier and help give you the financial resources to cover expenses Medicare doesn’t.

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Short Term Care

Our Short-Term Care Insurance helps with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and provides you with recovery care when you need it and where you want it – including the privacy of your home. The plan is ideal for singles or couples and gives you the health care choices needed to help get you back to your independent lifestyle.

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