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UCT (United Commercial Travelers) is a fraternal benefit society driven by our members and their dedication to community service. As a 501c8 non-profit, our charitable efforts across North America are made possible through the sales of our insurance products.

There are tens of thousands of UCT members throughout the U.S. and Canada. They’re either volunteer members or insured members by purchasing one of our insurance products. Members can get involved with a UCT local council in their area or join with others to form their own council. Councils decide on a local basis which community causes and charities to support.

Giving back isn’t just something we say – we’ve been doing it for more than 130 years. Our service projects vary from each community and include helping individuals with intellectual and development disabilities; supporting cancer research, youth programs, and homeless shelters and food banks; initiating recycling and community clean-up projects; assisting veterans, and more. Over the past three years alone our members have invested more than 210,000 volunteer hours and $3 million in local outreach.

Whether UCT membership starts with community service or an insurance policy, being a member means having access to a variety of discounts, benefits and scholarships. It also means having access to volunteer, leadership, networking and social opportunities.

UCT is one of nearly 59 fraternal benefit societies operating in 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. We are a member society of the American Fraternal Alliance. Fraternal benefit societies – or fraternals – offer members a unique chance to unite with others who want to get involved and impact their communities. At the same time fraternals offer members affordable insurance and support and savings through member benefit programs.

Fraternals also form one of the most effective volunteer networks in North America. Operating through local chapters, lodges or councils, fraternals enable their members to carry out charitable, educational, social and other volunteer community initiatives that improve their local communities.

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