Doing Good

UCT Charities was established in 1997 to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, primarily by providing scholarships. Over the years, this support has expanded to include other programs and projects that benefit a variety of individuals.

UCT Charities is a 501.c.3 charitable organization and is supported entirely through donations. Donations may be tax-deductible and are cumulative.

Consider Donating to UCT Charities via:

    Purchase a life insurance policy that names UCT Charities as beneficiary upon your death. This option holds the funds in an irrevocable trust and, depending upon tax status, can allow you to deduct the cost of the policy’s premiums.
    Make a contribution to UCT Charities in memory of a deceased loved one or member.
    Make a donation to UCT Charities in honor of a special person or an event such as a birthday or anniversary.

Find the UCT Charities Donation Form here as well and under the Forms Tab above.
UCT Charities Donation Form

UCT’s local councils have been giving back to their communities by supporting and working with worthy causes and organizations within them for well over 100 years. Through these partnerships, councils assist large numbers of individuals on multiple levels and across a wide range of need, including helping individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, seniors, homeless individuals, underprivileged children and families, and veterans, among others.

UCT invests in the future of our communities by investing in students. We do this by sponsoring several scholarship programs to help students meet the financial challenges of a college education.

We also invest in our local councils by offering community service programs like Join Hands Day and incentive programs like the Medal of Honor Program.

For more details contact UCT Charities at or at 866.458.2862 x808.

Mission and Vision Statements

UCT Mission Statement | Provide our members protection with quality insurance products along with added membership benefits to enhance their lives, while supporting their efforts in community service

UCT Vision Statement | We intend to make UCT relevant to all generations and achieve an even distribution of members by age within the next 10 years.

UCT Values | We will operate with the highest ethical standards, and focus on fraternal and community service.

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