Posted on September 2015

UCT in Action

Making a Difference Together

Another team, another Kaye Trainer, another success story!

Posted September, 2015 by: UCT

We have another guest blogger today!! Dave Chase, coach of the Valencia SNAP Flyers special hockey team in California, and secretary of the UCT Valencia SNAP Flyers Council 2011, shares with us his experience using the Kaye Trainer within their program. For those of you who have donated to Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign – this story proves just how important your… Continue Reading…

Hidden Gems

Posted September, 2015 by: UCT

Last week, my wife and I spent 5 days cycling the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  It is a 200 mile trip around the island of Cape Breton.  We also tacked on a few days to travel around the province, and had the opportunity to visit Maitland, Annapolis Royal, Lunenburg, and Halifax.  While in Halifax we were able to visit… Continue Reading…

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