Posted on October 2015

UCT in Action

Making a Difference Together

UCT Gives Back Video Contest is awarding $10,000 and $5,000 to two deserving special hockey teams…and YOU decide which ones!

Posted October, 2015 by: UCT

That’s right – 10 very deserving finalists have been selected from special hockey programs that submitted videos showing how the $10,000 prize would help their program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These 10 teams need YOUR support to earn votes. So…GET THE WORD OUT! Ways you can spread the word about UCT Gives Back Video Contest Voting: Share this blog… Continue Reading…

The Fraternal Ownership Model

Posted October, 2015 by: UCT

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal on September 26 entitled “The Middle Class Squeeze” by Charles Moore, former editor of the Daily Telegraph.  He talked about various aspects of the inequality in today’s world that has been a major topic of discussion over the past months.  He had some interesting thoughts on the struggles of the middle class.  One… Continue Reading…

Fall for volunteering!

Posted October, 2015 by: David Knapp

Fall is officially here, and along with the change of seasons come new volunteer opportunities to make a difference in your community. Homeless shelters are preparing for upcoming cold weather. Food banks are stocking up to help hungry individuals and families during the holidays. Worthy causes are holding the last of the walk-a-thons and “turkey trots” to raise funds for their projects.… Continue Reading…

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