Posted on September 2019

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Go green by enrolling to receive your billing notice through email

Posted September, 2019 by: Linda Fisher

More and more companies and organizations are finding that a simple way to have a huge impact on the environment is through reducing paper consumption by turning paper documents into electronic ones and eliminating paper from workflows. A tree can only produce, on average, 17 reams of paper and takes about 100 years to grow. By reducing paper usage, organizations like UCT… Continue Reading…

UCT’s disaster relief benefit can help with the unexpected

Posted September, 2019 by: Linda Fisher

September is National Preparedness Month in the U.S., something I’ve never been aware of before, but here in Ohio our state emergency management agency and our governor are promoting it as the perfect opportunity for individuals, organizations and companies to take steps to ensure we’re better prepared for any disaster that might impact homes, jobs, schools and communities. The timing is pretty… Continue Reading…

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