What is UCT?
We are a 501.c.8 non-profit fraternal benefit society driven by our members and their dedication to community service. Our charitable efforts across North America are made possible through the sales of our insurance products. For more than 130 years, we’ve protected our members and their families, and supported them in improving their communities.

When you join UCT, you connect with tens of thousands of like-minded individuals who strive to make a difference in their local communities. You become a member through volunteering or by purchasing one of our insurance products. You can get involved with an existing UCT local council in your area or join with others to form your own council. Members decide on a local basis which causes and charities to support.

What is a fraternal benefit society?
Fraternal benefit societies, or fraternals, offer members a unique chance to unite with others who want to get involved and impact their communities. At the same time, fraternals offer members affordable insurance and support and savings through member benefit programs.

Operating through local networks, referred to as chapters, lodges or councils, fraternals enable their members to carry out charitable, educational, social, and other volunteer community initiatives.

Each year through this unique structure, members of fraternal benefit societies invest millions of hours in community works and contribute millions of dollars to charitable programs supporting community service projects. This makes the fraternal system one of the largest volunteer networks of community and social service providers in existence.

How is UCT organized?
UCT members get involved with the organization through a local council in or near their area. Each local council works to support the needs of its community. Local council members plan and conduct meetings, organize events, enjoy social activities, and they can serve as council leaders. Some members opt to form their own UCT local council. All you need to do this is ten members and a passion to give back to your local community.

Local councils are organized into regional councils across the U.S. and Canada. UCT’s Board of Governors is comprised of members from the U.S. and Canada. The Board represents a diverse cross section of skills and experience and is responsible for UCT’s overall direction.

Does UCT have a religious affiliation?
UCT has no religious or political affiliation. We offer community service opportunities, member benefits and insurance options to all individuals 16 and older.

What kinds of causes does UCT support?
Giving back isn’t just something we say – we’ve been doing it for more than 130 years! Our service projects vary from each community and include helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; supporting cancer research, youth programs, and homeless shelters and food banks; initiating recycling and community clean-up projects; assisting veterans, and more. Over the past three years alone our members have invested more than 150,000 volunteer hours and $3 million in local outreach.

Additionally, we support programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities through UCT Charities, our 501.c.3 trust, and award scholarships to students throughout North America through our three diverse scholarship programs.

How much time do I have to give?
You decide how much time you want to give – there are no minimum time requirements. Whether you give a few hours or lead a major event, the level of commitment is up to you. Any time you give can make a difference.

Why should I join UCT?
You don’t have to be a UCT member to volunteer. However, with membership comes member benefits and discounts, volunteer and leadership opportunities, networking and social opportunities, scholarship programs, and more – all for just $30 a year! $12 of your membership goes back into the community. We also offer a variety of affordable insurance products.

Contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-848-0123 ext. 1300 with questions or for more details.