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Making a Difference Together

The Bridges of Friendship Award is coming!

Posted September, 2021 by: David Knapp

UCT’s local councils have been giving back to their communities by supporting and working with worthy causes and organizations within them for well over 100 years. Through these partnerships, councils assist individuals on multiple levels and across a wide range of need, including helping people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, seniors, homeless individuals, underprivileged children and families, and veterans, among… Continue Reading…

How you can make 9/11 a day of service

Posted September, 2021 by: David Knapp

Saturday, September 11 is 9/11 Day, Patriot Day in the U.S., a National Day of Service & Remembrance. Especially on this 20th anniversary, it’s a great opportunity to help others in remembrance of those killed and injured on September 11, 2001, and in appreciation of the first responders and the countless others who rose up in service as a response to the attacks as… Continue Reading…

The UCT Scholarship Program – helping students since 1960

Posted August, 2021 by: David Knapp

UCT has been awarding scholarships through the UCT Scholarship Program to students and teachers seeking degrees or certification in special education since 1960. Now funded by UCT Charities, this program grants around $18,500 each year to students and teachers in the U.S. and Canada to help with their pursuits. Applicants must meet specific guidelines, and an amount up to, but not to exceed,… Continue Reading…

UCT recognizes member achievements

Posted June, 2021 by: David Knapp

As a 501.c.8 membership organization, UCT is all about the folks who make our status possible – our members. I don’t need to tell anyone what a tough year 2020 was, and our members felt every bit of the hurt. Still, it takes more than a pandemic to keep them down, and they persevered despite fears and restrictions, looking out for their… Continue Reading…

The Ann Marshall Scholarship Program grants its first awards

Posted May, 2021 by: David Knapp

The Ann Marshall Scholarship Program was created in 2020 to fill the void left by the suspension of UCT’s May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund by awarding scholarships to members and the children and grandchildren of members. The program was named after Fraternal and Scholarship Coordinator Ann Marshall because she helped to administer UCT’s scholarship programs for many years and was dedicated to… Continue Reading…

Despite a worldwide pandemic, UCT members impact their local communities

Posted May, 2021 by: David Knapp

It’s been a tough year, and at times it has felt like the world is unraveling. Whether it’s been dealing with sickness, separation from family and other loved ones, social distancing, working from home for the first time, and/or trying to homeschool kids, it hasn’t been easy. We’re all struggling to get back to something close to normal and, hopefully, we’re on… Continue Reading…

Check out our membership development awards program!

Posted April, 2021 by: David Knapp

An important part of our organizational culture is built around how we share the UCT message and welcome new members. UCT’s Membership Development Awards Program is the way we award and encourage members to bring new members into UCT. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us grow. UCT has partnered with Boost Rewards, a web-based, integrated program for rewarding and… Continue Reading…

Calling on Canadian councils to help local food banks

Posted April, 2021 by: David Knapp

2020 was an unprecedented year. Across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact, and food insecurity became a major side effect of its decimation. The number of individuals relying on food banks for assistance has nearly doubled worldwide and while those running them have been heroic in adapting to rapidly changing circumstances, help is still needed. In Canada, as everywhere… Continue Reading…

Remembering UCT’s women pioneers

Posted March, 2021 by: David Knapp

March is women’s history month in the U.S., a time to celebrate the accomplishments and diversity women have brought to the world, a time for women everywhere to note how far we have come and how much further we still need to go to make sure our daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters have the best opportunities available to them. It might seem odd… Continue Reading…

The Ann Marshall Scholarship Program needs your support.

Posted March, 2021 by: David Knapp

We’re getting set to distribute the first scholarships this spring from the newly established Ann Marshall Scholarship Program, and we could use your help. The program, like the May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund before it, is supported entirely through donations, and the number and amount of scholarships given each year may vary according to contributions received. Whatever donation you and/or your council… Continue Reading…

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