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Posted on May 30, 2013 by: UCT

UCT, like all Fraternals, provides financial services products to our members.  As you can see on our website, we are an international member-benefit organization. Our members work to improve their local communities, and our financial services products provide benefits to help them secure their financial futures.

Insurance planning is a critical part of any financial plan, and our members have a wide array of products to choose from. We have products developed for people at each life stage, products which can be critically important when needed. 

For example:

  • For our senior members, our Medicare Supplement policies can help pay for medical costs not covered by Medicare.
  • For young families, our Term Life product can help provide financial security.
  • For all ages, our Dental, Vision and Hearing plan helps pay for these important costs.

One of the benefits of being a member is having access to these competitively priced products, and it is good to know that sales of these products helps to support the community service done by our members throughout the United States and Canada.

Take a look at our financial products.  If you have any questions, take a look at our website, or feel free to contact Agent Services to learn more. If you aren’t already a member, consider joining us.


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