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Fraternal Alliance Meeting

Posted on Apr 04, 2013 by: UCT

On Saturday I will be heading to Washington DC to attend the American Fraternal Alliance mid year Presidents’ meeting.  UCT’s Marketing Manager, Heather Darling will also be there as a presenter to talk about our Social Media efforts.

The meeting is a good opportunity to discuss issues all Fraternals are facing, and to hear how other organizations are dealing with those issues.

We will also spend some time meeting with members of Congress to make sure they are aware of the good work done by Fraternals throughout theUS. A study done by a Georgetown University economist determined that Fraternals provide $3.4 billion in value to theU.S.every year.  This is as a result of direct and indirect benefits of cash contributions and volunteer work done by members of all of the US Fraternal Benefit Societies.

Fraternal Benefit Societies are tax exempt under section 501(c) (8) of the Internal Revenue Code.  As Congress debates tax reform, tax exempt organizations are sure to come under scrutiny.  If Fraternals were to lose their tax exemption it would generate about $50 million in additional tax revenue, but it may put many of these organizations out of business.  It would certainly change all of them.  To put $3.4 billion in annual value at risk to collect an additional $50 million in revenue seems on its face to be a bad idea. This is the message we will be taking to Congress.

I will be leading a delegation of Ohio Fraternal CEO’s as we meet with members of the Ohio Congressional delegation.  We had some good meetings two years ago, and this is one issue where there is broad bipartisan support.  Members of both parties recognize the value of Fraternal Benefit Societies, hence the broad sponsorship from both parties of House resolution 116.

If you believe, as I do, that Fraternal Benefit Societies should keep their tax exemption, let your Senators and Representatives know.

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