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Posted on Oct 11, 2012 by: UCT

Most of you have probably seen the efforts to help with Breast Cancer Awareness Month by NFL and MLS teams.  Pink is evident in every stadium.


A cure for cancer is something everyone hopes for.  Almost everyone in America has been affected by cancer either personally or through friends and loved ones.  


UCT members have helped to support cancer research in many ways.  Here in Columbus, UCT has had a long relationship with the James CancerHospital and Solove Research Institute, known locally as “the James”.  The mission of the James is: Creating a cancer-free world. One person, one discovery at a time.  The James is one of a relatively small number of centers that have been designated as Comprehensive Cancer Centers by the National Cancer Institute.


Dr. Arthur G. James, for whom the center is named, was a UCT member until his death in 2001.


We made our first donation to the James in 1990, and since then we have created an endowment to help fund research.  The UCT Research Endowment Fund supports a team of researchers headed by Dr. Ted Teknos working to find a cure for head and neck cancers. 


Local councils throughout the U.S.and Canadaalso provide support for cancer research in a variety of ways.


Helping to create a cancer-free world is only one of the ways that UCT members give back.

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