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HOT TIPS to consider when creating your video for the UCT Gives Back AGAIN to Special Hockey Video Contest

Posted on Sep 08, 2016 by: UCT

Wondering what it takes to make a winning video for the UCT Gives Back AGAIN to Special Hockey Video Contest? Here are some tips that will help you to increase your odds of winning!

  1. Read the Rules Carefully


Before you start planning your contest-winning video, read through the rules carefully, including:

  • End Date: How long do you have to put the video together before the contest submission period ends?
  • Video Length: How long should the video be?
  • Other Considerations: Do you have to add music? Include a certain product? Avoid copyrighted material? Can others participate? What specifics need to be addressed?
  1. Review the Judging Criteria

The next important thing to know is how the videos will be judged. Make sure you read the rules and understand what the judges are looking for. Once you know you can start crafting your video contest entry. 14232423_1206632222691822_3034748635736383703_n

  1. Determine How the Winner Will Be Selected

Who will be doing the actual judging? Will it be a panel of judges hired by the sponsor? Will the video contest winners be determined by a voting that’s open to the general public? Or both? Knowing this ahead of time can help you create the most appealing video that you can.

  1. Test Your Video for Timing

After you’ve created your video, test it. Does your video fit into the maximum length of the video contest parameters?

  1. Submit Your Video to the Contest – And Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Once you’ve filmed a video that you’re happy with, double-checked that you’ve followed all of the contest guidelines, and are ready to go – upload your video to the contest and hope for the best.

Additional Tips:

“LIKE” the UCT Facebook page to stay involved and up-to-date with the contest!

You don’t need an expensive video camera to participate in video contests. Many digital cameras, and even cell phones, have the ability to record video.

What You Need:
• Video camera, digital camera, or cell phone with video capability
• Good lighting
• A clean and tidy area to use as a backdrop

Check out last year’s 2015 UCT Gives Back to Special Hockey Video Contest Winners’ Videos below for more guidance:

1st Place:  West Michigan Patriots

2nd Place:  CCYHA Columbus Blue Jackets Special Hockey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwE2K0-BVUA&feature=youtu.be 

Thanks for reading, and good luck! #uctgivesbackagain

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