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Introducing the Ann Marshall Scholarship Program

Posted on Sep 02, 2020 by: David Knapp

We’re pleased to announce that the UCT Board of Governors recently approved the creation of a new UCT scholarship program – the Ann Marshall Scholarship Program. This program will, in effect, serve to fill the void left by the suspension of the May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund by awarding college and/or technical school scholarships to UCT members and the children and grandchildren of members.

Like the May E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund, the program will be supported through donations, and the number and amount of scholarships given each year may vary according to contributions received. Applicants must meet specific guidelines, and applications are due May 1 each year. It is UCT’s intention to award the first scholarships in June 2021.

As many of our members know, Ann was UCT’s fraternal/scholarship coordinator for 17 years and retired in 2017. While she worked for a number of different organizations throughout her career, none touched her heart like UCT. She always said that while she found her job responsibilities like coordinating special projects and working with and assisting members deeply rewarding, helping students attain their dreams of a college education through administering UCT’s scholarship programs was one of the things she loved best about her job.

Ann attended Kent State University and The Ohio State University where she earned many academic excellence awards and loved her women’s studies classes. She valued education a great deal, and the idea of every student receiving assistance to pursue a college degree was near and dear to her heart. Sadly, Ann passed away in 2017.

“We proposed naming the program after Ann Marshall because she was and is still loved by so many in this organization,” said scholarship program chairperson and UCT-Secretary Treasurer Steve Desselles. “Ann helped to administer UCT’s scholarship programs for many years and was dedicated to doing so. In addition to providing needed college assistance to members and their children and grandchildren, this scholarship program is UCT’s tribute to her.”

The scholarship guidelines and application are available on UCT’s website under UCT in Action/Scholarships or by contacting Anita Neal at 800.848.0123 x1100 or at aneal@uct.org.

Local and regional councils and individual members wishing to contribute to the Ann Marshall Scholarship Program may do so by sending a check made payable to UCT to: UCT, Attention: Anita Neal, 1801 Watermark Drive, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215. Make sure to include a note specifying that the donation is for the Ann Marshall Scholarship Program.

UCT local councils working toward the Medal of Honor Program may earn a point for contributing at least $250 to this scholarship program.

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