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Introducing the new UCT Leadership Development Program

Posted on May 22, 2014 by: UCT

UCT has been committed to youth, education and leadership development across the U.S. and Canada for over 125 years.  As a non-profit organization that gives back to local communities in which our members live, we’re excited to offer a new program for high school students that will help shape tomorrow’s leaders. 

The UCT Leadership Development Program was developed to provide UCT local councils with an opportunity to tap into a new, younger generation of volunteers by encouraging area students to get involved with your councils and their projects.  The program benefits students by giving them a chance to engage in service projects, network with community leaders, and gain valuable leadership skills to prepare them for the next phase of life – all through volunteering with a UCT council in their area. 

The program is a win-win for everyone – the schools, students and UCT.  By taking ownership of the program and presenting it to area schools as an option for students, local councils can potentially gain young volunteers who will bring energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to the table.  And, benefiting students and schools in local areas can help councils increase UCT awareness in their communities – and might just result in attracting new members. 

The program also offers benefits for students as most high school students have community service requirements they’re required to fulfill.  The UCT Leadership Development Program is a perfect resource for them to use to do this because it provides a healthy and rewarding outlet for students to engage in community service work, learn teambuilding and develop leadership and interpersonal skills. 

All materials as well as the program itself can be customized in any way to fit the needs of participating schools and councils.  Once all materials are reviewed, the UCT Home Office can then work with you to personalize and customize the materials in the ways you wish.   

There will also be a brief presentation on the UCT Leadership Development Program at the 2014 UCT Convention during the UCT 101 presentation. 

For more information on the Leadership Development Program and any questions, please contact Jen Szymczak at jchillinsky@uct.org or at 614.487.9680, Ext. 207. 

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