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Posted on May 02, 2013 by: UCT

As the weather finally begins to get warmer, my wife and I have begun our training.  This past Saturday we did a 30 mile bicycle ride on some country roads just north of Columbus.  We are training to prepare for a ride we will be doing this summer for the third time. 


The ride is called Pelotonia, and it is a fundraiser for the Arthur James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.  The name of the event comes from a French word for the main group of riders in a bicycle race, a Peloton.  Over the four years the event has been held the number of riders has increased every year, as has the amount raised.  Cumulatively, since the first Pelotonia, 11,000 riders have raised over $42mm to support cancer research.  Donations to Pelotonia riders are tax deductible, and 100% of those donations go to support research efforts.  There aren’t many charitable fundraisers that can say that.


The James is one of the nation’s top cancer hospitals and research facilities, and they do great work.  UCT has sponsored an endowment at the James for many years.  Dr. James (for whom the hospital was named) was a member of UCT, and he certainly encouraged our involvement in funding Cancer Research.  Our endowment has helped to fund research in head and neck cancers – research led by Dr. Ted Teknos and his team. 


So my wife Loretta and I will be riding again this August to help support the research at the James, but there are many ways to help out with this effort.  Visit the Pelotonia website, volunteer, make a donation (if you’d like you can make a donation to either my ride or my wife’s ride), or register and begin training to do the ride yourself.  It is a great event, and it helps us move closer to the day when we will live in a cancer free world.


We’ll be out riding this weekend—perhaps we’ll see you out there too!

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