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Posted on Jul 21, 2016 by: UCT

As I’ve mentioned in prior blogs, the American Fraternal Alliance initiated an effort a few months ago to gain 100 sponsors for House Resolution 19.  I asked members to contact their representatives and either ask them to sponsor the resolution, or to thank them if they already have.

The resolution recognizes the value of all the good work done by members of Fraternal Benefit Societies.  It is important that members of Congress understand who we are and what we do, and this resolution is a good way to ensure that.  If and when tax reform is under discussion in Washington, we need to be sure that Congress understands the reason for our tax exemption so they will vote to leave it in place.

As of last week, the sponsorship goal was achieved.  You can read about it in American Fraternal Alliance CEO Joe Annotti’s blog here.  You will also note that the sponsorship was one of the few areas of strong bipartisan support in our nation’s Capitol.

It is great to have achieved this goal which will help increase awareness of the key role Fraternals play in American society.  To learn more about Fraternals, visit the Fraternal Alliance’s website.  To learn more about UCT, visit our website or our Facebook page.

Join us.

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