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Posted on Sep 05, 2013 by: UCT

In recent years interest in social entrepreneurship has been rising. Business schools have been developing programs for social entrepreneurs, and there has been an increasing interest among students for these programs.  Social entrepreneurs focus on developing new enterprises that address social issues rather than simply providing a good financial ROI.

As a recent Harvard Business Review article put it, “MBA programs today are minting not just captains of industry, but also crusaders for social good.”

Working for social good, the focus of social entrepreneurs, has been at the core of UCT for 125 years.  Our members have formed local councils in many locations throughout North Americawith a focus on volunteering to improve their local communities.

Local councils are set up as non-profit corporations.  They are generally set up to meet a particular social need.  For example, one of our newest local councils in Phoenix is focused on helping homeless veterans.  Another local council in Columbus, Ohio has targeted cancer research.  People who want to address a social need can work with us to form a new council, or they can join an existing council that is focused on that need.  Those interested can take a leadership role, either as an officer of the council, or by helping to organize an event.

Social entrepreneurs coming out of the Harvard Business School or the Haas School, or any of the many business school social entrepreneur programs have worked to address social issues by forming new organizations.  We can help people form new organizations to address a local social need. We can provide a framework to anyone who has an interest in solving a social problem, and we can provide the support to get the organization up and running.

If you are interested in social entrepreneurship, contact us to learn more.

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