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UCT in Action

Making a Difference Together

UCT recognizes member achievements

Posted June, 2021 by: Linda Fisher

As a 501.c.8 membership organization, UCT is all about the folks who make our status possible – our members. I don’t need to tell anyone what a tough year 2020 was, and our members felt every bit of the hurt. Still, it takes more than a pandemic to keep them down, and they persevered despite fears and restrictions, looking out for their… Continue Reading…

This Thanksgiving we give thanks for our UCT members

Posted November, 2018 by: Linda Fisher

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, and for many of us that means hanging out with family and friends, eating too much turkey and pumpkin pie, watching too much football and Netflix, and taking too many long naps. But it also means being thankful. Thanksgiving is, after all, the official season of gratitude: that old-fashioned, warm, fuzzy, out-loud appreciation for all… Continue Reading…

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