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UCT Charities – helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Posted on Dec 03, 2015 by: David Knapp

UCT has supported programs for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities for over 60 years. It’s one of our top projects. Across North America our local councils support organizations like Special Olympics and Best Buddies International as well as schools, workshops, and programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. UCT is the proud sponsor of ASHA (American Special Hockey Association), because its dedication to athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities is such a perfect fit, giving our members local special hockey programs to reach out to and support.

In 1997 we established UCT Charities as a way to specifically support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities – primarily by providing scholarships through the UCT Scholarship Program, which distributes around $50,000 each year to students pursuing degrees in special education.

Through the years we’ve expanded our UCT Charities support to include other programs and projects that benefit individuals with special needs. For example, our partnership with ASHA ($15,000 each year), our UCT Gives Back video contest (another $15,000 each year), and, in part, the UCT Winter Hockey Festival (about $3,000 each year) are also funded through UCT Charities.

UCT Charities is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is funded entirely through contributions. Donations to the fund are always appreciated – and, as you can see, they help benefit good causes. Contributions may be tax-deductible and are cumulative.

There are a number of ways you can donate to the fund. You can make an individual contribution or donate as a UCT council. Some people prefer to purchase a life insurance policy that names the fund as beneficiary upon their death. This option holds the funds in an irrevocable trust and, depending upon tax status, can allow you to deduct the cost of the policy’s premiums. Others like making a contribution to the fund in memory of a deceased loved one or in honor of a special event such as a birthday or anniversary.

UCT is proud of the support we provide individuals with special needs and the good we’re able to do through UCT Charities. To find out more – or to check out our other worthy programs – visit www.uct.org.

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