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UCT kids get life lesson during “Bring Your Child to Work Day”

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 by: David Knapp

This week, we celebrated “Bring Your Child to Work Day” at the UCT home office in Columbus, Ohio. I asked our Special Projects Coordinator, Jessica Myers, who helped organized the event to write the blog for this week. As you are about to read it was an inspiring day for everyone involved!

“Yesterday was UCT’s third annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day” for Operation Feed, and this year’s event was the most successful to-date. In my opinion, it was also the most fun! After some delicious donuts, juice and introductions, the 13 kids in attendance started their morning by filling ELEVEN boxes with canned and boxed food items donated by our home office employees and attendees of our Happy Hour event. Because of these donations, we were able to provide the Mid-Ohio Foodbank with an amazing 312 pounds of food to help families in our local community. How incredible!

In addition to packing boxes, the children of UCT employees decorated and cut out bookmarks for the newly instituted library at the foodbank in their Kroger Food Pantry area. Sadly, the library just opened a few days ago and they’re already out of books. If you’re interested in donating gently used books for any age, reach out to us at the home office for the details on how to make a donation.

After the boxes were loaded and the bookmarks were created, the kids and their guardians and a few UCT employees traveled to the foodbank to eat lunch, complete a food activity to better understand the struggles of many of the foodbank clients, and to take a tour of the facility. The one feeling that has been shared by all who attended was pure awe of how many people in our community struggle and are food insecure. The need is so great in Central Ohio. We are so lucky to be able to partner with such an amazing organization!

From Nicole and I, thank you again to all who attended yesterday. It was a great day!”

-Jessica Myers, Special Projects/Scholarship Coordinator

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