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Want Money For College? Check Out UCT Scholarships

Posted on Sep 19, 2013 by: UCT

UCT members are so passionate about giving back – especially to students in need – that we have a variety of scholarships available! Just check out what a UCT scholarship has meant for one of our many scholarship recipients…


Don’t let the cost of college prevent you from furthering your education…instead check out the UCT Scholarship options available to EVERYONE!  

NEW: The UCT Heaston Scholarship Program was established to help young people achieve their dreams of a college education. The program consists of three scholarships to be granted to three deserving students annually; each covering four years of undergraduate education. The scholarships are:

  • The Jack & Betty Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $6,000 per year for 4 years
  • The Betty Y. Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years
  • The Jack Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years

A major criterion for the scholarships is for applicants to show evidence of hard work and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals. Applicants will need to discuss their academic careers and extracurricular activities, and provide examples of hard work, challenges they have had to face, and persistence in the face of adversity. Additionally, we require examples of commitment to community service. The Heaston scholarships will be awarded to students with the equivalent of high school senior status. Applications are due February 1 and scholarship awards will be announced March 31.

Find out more about the UCT Heaston Scholarships or download an application.

The UCT Scholarship Program was established as a way to support individuals with intellectual. By providing scholarship assistance to students wishing to teach individuals with intellectual disabilities, UCT helps pave the way for future supporters, teachers and advocates for a very special population. To date, we’ve granted over $3 million in scholarships through the UCT Scholarship Program to nearly 10,000 students and teachers seeking degrees or certification in special education.

To see if you qualify for a UCT Scholarship, view our scholarship guidelines, or download the UCT Scholarship application to apply today.

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