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The UCT 130 Challenge – let’s do this together!

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 by: David Knapp

We are approaching a very important milestone for our organization. On January 8, 2018 – we will officially celebrate 130 years of fraternalism, community service, dedicated members and a commitment to providing quality, affordable insurance.

**NEW: Submit your accomplishments with the 130 Challenge tracking report: 130 Challenge Report Form Fillable

That’s quite an achievement and a great reason to celebrate! Over the next six months, I’ll be sorting through and collecting as many pictures and documents as I can to showcase the extraordinary work of UCT and our members during our 130th anniversary. (Please send me anything you’d like to share as well!)

But, I do need to ask a favor of you, a small task that can help grow our membership and increase awareness about UCT and our local councils. Will you participate in the 130 Challenge?

Many of you heard about the 130 Challenge during my presentation at convention, some may have heard from other members and the rest of you are just now hearing about it for the first time. The great thing about this 130 Challenge, besides growing membership, is that ANYONE can participate and we’re going to celebrate success of all sizes – big or small!

I’ve provided a detailed guide to the 130 Challenge here. It is broken down into four categories: Members, Local Councils, Board of Governors and Home Office. The 130 Challenge officially kicks off August 1, 2017 and continues through June 1, 2018, with a celebration being planned for the 2018 convention.

This is meant to be a fun way to motivate yourself and your council and a great opportunity to give back to your local community. Challenge a fellow member to see who can complete the challenge first or see who can do the most by June 1. If someone in your council is looking for something extra to do, have them coordinate and track your council’s participation – it gives someone else a chance to contribute without having to be an officer.

If you’re wondering: “What do I get out of this?” – besides the fact that you are helping grow UCT, lots of recognition: weekly Facebook updates, monthly email blasts, and mentions in the Sample Case. We’re also offering a brand new pop-up banner for the first 10 local councils (maybe more) that complete EVERY council challenge requirement. And of course, we’ll have a 130 Celebration at the 2018 convention – just another reason to make the trip to Savannah, Georgia next year.

The good news: so many of you are already doing the things listed in the 130 Challenge. If you’re not, this is your chance to get involved. Please make sure you share all your accomplishments with the fraternal team. We’ve created a special email address for you to send your pictures and reports: memberchallenge@uct.org  You can always email one of us individually as well.

I’m working on a 130 Challenge kit that will be sent out to all the local council secretaries in the next couple of weeks.

Like I said before, this is meant to be fun. If you have suggestions or questions email me: kchillinsky@uct.org or call me at the office: 800-848-0123, ext. 1148.

Let’s have some fun with this and celebrate all the things that make UCT so great!

Submit your accomplishments with the 130 Challenge tracking report: 130 Challenge Report Form Fillable

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