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2 Blogs in 2 Days? That’s right! CONVENTION PRESENTATION TAKEAWAYS – Blog #1

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 by: UCT

If you attended the 2017 UCT Convention, then you heard from our keynote speaker, Warren Barhorst, and his presentation on Leverage, as well as Julie Vreeland’s presentation on The Right Stuff – Recruiting and Retaining the “Right” Members. In case you weren’t able to be there, we’ve put together some key takeaways for you and your councils! Now you can understand the two blogs; there’s just so much great information to share! Keep reading…

Today’s blog takeaways are from our Keynote Speaker, Warren Barhorst.


  • What is Leverage? Leverage is to use (something) to maximum advantage; the organization needs to leverage its key resources. What is UCT’s key resources? YOU – OUR MEMBERS!
  • Start With Yourself! Here’s how you can leverage yourself – by INVESTING in yourself:
    • Be a continuous learner
    • Know your organization inside and out
    • Shamelessly steal ideas – we don’t have to reinvent the wheel
    • Have the right mindset – be positive
  • Understand Your Team! Who are the current and new members in your council? Get to know them by:
    • Capitalize on their strengths – Focus on what they are good at doing!
    • Continuously coaching each other
    • Value their experience – be sure whatever your current or new members are doing that they find value in it!
    • Understand what they value – by understanding what they find valuable, you can be sure to provide that value and retain them as an active member!
  • Take the TEAM Personality Profile Quiz!  A great way to get to know each other is to take the personality profile questionnaire to learn what type personality you are! Know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to work more efficiently with each other.
    • Have a Team Dynamics Council Meeting – dedicate one meeting to focusing on the personality profile
    • Do it for new and existing members
    • Give each member the TEAM Personality Profile Quiz
    • Use the TEAM Information Worksheet to understand why we are different and help working relationships
    • Use the Team Activity Worksheet to Leverage your strengths
    • Jazz up your council meeting and have fun!

Why? – Because great organizations like UCT can leverage this material to become much more effective in delivering their mission to their communities.

We (UCT) love providing these educational opportunities at the annual convention. We hope to see you in Savannah, GA at the 2018 UCT Convention for even more exciting presentations!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Blog #2 for key takeaways on Julie Vreeland’s presentation on The Right Stuff – Recruiting and Retaining the “Right” Members.

Questions or want some more information from our speakers at the 2017 UCT Convention? Contact Community Outreach Manager Jen Szymczak!

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” – Archimedes

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