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Do You Know What the UCT “Creative Consultants” Can Do For You and Your Council?

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by: UCT

Hey everyone!  Jen here – Community Outreach Manager for UCT…

Do you already belong to a UCT Traditional or Alternative Council? Are you looking to form a new one? If you answered “no,” then WHY NOT?!  If you answered yes, then you should already be aware of all that the UCT Home Office can provide to your council.  In fact, did you know a group of us at the home office call ourselves “Creative Consultants?”  Here’s why…

The UCT “Creative Consultants” can help your UCT council get CREATIVE with our:

– Graphic design services

Let our graphic design experts get creative for you including logo concepts, brochure design and any other marketing materials you can think of!

 – Social media planning

Ready to post, tweet, pin or otherwise share your news with the world?  Let our marketing staff help you find the right channels and messages to reach your desired audience. 

– Email marketing assistance

Looking to start a newsletter or create an email subscription group?  Our low- and no-cost solution will have you looking professional in no time!

 – Promotional item ideas and sourcing

T-shirts, get your t-shirts here! And pens, key chains, cell phone cases, water bottles, lip balm… and anything else you can think of to customize with your logo!  Let UCT “Creative Consultants” assist you with sourcing and design… all you’ll need to do is pay for your shiny, new promotional items!

 – Council website development

Can you create a Word document?  If you answered yes, you can be the new admin of your very own council website!  Let UCT “Creative Consultants” build a semi-custom website just for you, then take control of the WordPress site and make it your own. 

 – Event concepts & planning

Need some extra cash to support the causes you care about, but don’t want to keep asking the same friends to donate?  Let us help you create new fundraising outlets and ideas to keep the dollars coming. 

– Fundraising resources

Are pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners and BINGO games leaving you longing for new event ideas?  Give UCT “Creative Consultants” a call to help you come up with ideas for your next event. 

 – On-site event assistance

It’s one week before the big event and you’re ready to pull your hair out – don’t fret – let UCT “Creative Consultants” help out in your time of need!  Our creative cats may be available to come your way to help wrap up details, finish last minute preparations and leave you looking good on event day.

 – Media relations consulting

Ready for your close up?  Learn how to engage your local TV, newspaper and radio media outlets through the use of press releases and follow-up moments with the assistance of UCT “Creative Consultants.”

For more information on UCT, the “Creative Consultants,” and forming your own UCT council, go to www.uct.org or email creativeconsultants@uct.org. We’re ready to help you get CREATIVE!!   

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