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It’s your last chance to submit a UCT Volunteer of the Year Award nomination!

Posted on Mar 30, 2017 by: Anita Neal

Every UCT local council has at least one amazing member that goes the extra distance to make a positive difference in their council and community. You know the one I’m talking about. The volunteer who never makes excuses and sticks to their commitments. The one who thinks less about what they can get from the volunteering experience and more about what they can contribute. That amazing volunteer who’s the original energy drink – you feel amped when collaborating with them. Friendships form, fun is present, and the experience is so invigorating you want to get right out and do it again.

Well, UCT members and councils, time is running out for you to recognize the efforts of that exceptional member/volunteer in your local council by nominating them for UCT’s Volunteer of the Year Award! Nominations are due by no later than April 30. Not postmarked, but actually received at the UCT home office by April 30.

Nominations are based on volunteer service provided during the past year only – and you can consider your council’s fiscal year as the past year. Focus areas for nominations are local council support, community service involvement, and the ability to actively engage and mobilize others.

Guidelines and nomination forms are available on the Members’ Area of our website at www.uct.org under UCT Contests or you can contact the Public Relations Department at lfisher@uct.org or at 800.848.0123 x1130. Again, the deadline for submissions is April 30, so get started on yours today! Volunteers are super heroes to the communities and causes they support. They deserve to be recognized as such!

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