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Get moving to submit your Volunteer of the Year award nominations

Posted February, 2018 by: Anita Neal

UCT members are special volunteers and the cornerstone of our organization. Every day, across North America they’re making a difference in their communities and having a positive impact on those who live there. UCT members are also humble volunteers, going about the business of making life better for others without much thought of what they might get in return. That’s why it’s… Continue Reading…

It’s your last chance to submit a UCT Volunteer of the Year Award nomination!

Posted March, 2017 by: Anita Neal

Every UCT local council has at least one amazing member that goes the extra distance to make a positive difference in their council and community. You know the one I’m talking about. The volunteer who never makes excuses and sticks to their commitments. The one who thinks less about what they can get from the volunteering experience and more about what they… Continue Reading…

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