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Phil Gwoke knows all about generational differences… and we can’t wait to hear about it at convention!

Posted on May 05, 2016 by: UCT

At this year’s UCT annual convention, we are hosting Phil Gwoke from A-Speakers, International Speakers Bureau as our keynote speaker at Opening Ceremonies on Sunday evening. Phil is a passionate and authentic generational expert. His life mission is to bring out the best in every generation and help individuals to shine in their performances. Phil has research and generational expertise and facilitates inter-generational communication. His keynote speech will be a perfect fit at our convention for our members to hear from a generational expert and the key differences in all generations.

Phil is a skilled generational strategist. Part of generation X himself, he is able to connect to the generations before as well as after him. He achieves generational collaboration and communication through motivation. Phil is convinced that encouragement, training and a support system can allow members of any generation to achieve remarkable accomplishments. He is an acknowledged speaker and has spoken in 20 different states to over 100,000 people.

Before engaging with his speaking career, Phil worked as a high school teacher, college admissions professional, marketing coordinator, corporate trainer and even ran a coffee shop in Minneapolis. Also locally, Phil is a real motivator. He has maintained strong ties with his community and helps as a mentor and consultant young entrepreneurs.

His unique humor accompanies every session he delivers. With his down-to-earth style and a dedication to present research in a digestible and entertaining way, Phil has become a fast favorite with audiences all around.

We are looking forward to hosting Phil Gwoke in Louisville, Kentucky, in July at the UCT annual convention!

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