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UCT in Action

Making a Difference Together

UCT celebrates women’s achievements

Posted March, 2022 by: Anita Neal

In case you haven’t heard, today is International Women’s Day, a global holiday commemorating women’s many accomplishments. March is also Women’s History Month in the U.S., 31 days dedicated to reflecting on the often-overlooked contributions of women throughout history. While it might seem odd for a fraternal organization to talk about praising the accomplishments of women, it’s really not. Regardless of how… Continue Reading…

Remembering UCT’s women pioneers

Posted March, 2021 by: Anita Neal

March is women’s history month in the U.S., a time to celebrate the accomplishments and diversity women have brought to the world, a time for women everywhere to note how far we have come and how much further we still need to go to make sure our daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters have the best opportunities available to them. It might seem odd… Continue Reading…

It’s Women’s History Month – here’s to UCT’s women pioneers!

Posted March, 2017 by: Anita Neal

When you stop and think about it, many things have come to women surprisingly recently: The right to vote. The right to own property. And, perhaps less surprisingly, the existence of Women’s History Month in March. Before women had the whole month, we recognized Women’s History Week, and before that, a single International Women’s Day. Dedicating the entire month of March in… Continue Reading…

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