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UCT employees get creative for local kids

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 by: Debbi Myers

Walking down the hall of the UCT home office I see a wizard. There in the lunch room is Wednesday Addams and her headless doll. At the receptionist’s desk did I really see an alien? It is a sure sign that Christmas is coming!

You may think that doesn’t sound like the Yuletide season to you. It sure does to me.

You see, every October UCT has a costume contest to raise money for Toys for Tots. These costumes, normally connected to October, are being worn to generate donations to buy toys for kids in December. This has been going on for many decades now. While most of the country starts planning for parties, costumes and candy, I start thinking, “how much money will we raise this year to buy toys for kids?”

As an organization, UCT does a lot during the year to help people throughout the U.S. and Canada. The UCT spirit is alive and well in the home office. This tradition never fails to bring back fun-filled memories of past contests and anticipation of what this year will bring.

Another costume contest has concluded. My co-workers have yet again amazed me with their creativity. And the most important thing is that there will be toys under the tree for kids who may have gone without otherwise.

Oh my, I just saw a witch walk by, which reminds me, where did I put my Christmas tree???

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