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Thankful for UCT

Posted November, 2019 by: Anita Neal

In my home, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to embrace and share heritage established by generations. We always have family around and cook the biggest turkey we can find. This year I am thankful for many things, including my family, my husband, wonderful kids and grandkids, being healthy, our home, hot showers, water and the clothes on my back. I am also thankful… Continue Reading…

UCT employees get creative for local kids

Posted October, 2019 by: Debbi Myers

Walking down the hall of the UCT home office I see a wizard. There in the lunch room is Wednesday Addams and her headless doll. At the receptionist’s desk did I really see an alien? It is a sure sign that Christmas is coming! You may think that doesn’t sound like the Yuletide season to you. It sure does to me. You… Continue Reading…

UCT employees are all heart all year ’round

Posted December, 2018 by: Anita Neal

UCT employees are pretty special people. I’ve said this many times over the years, and I’ll keep saying it. There are only around 50 of us who work at the home office in Columbus, Ohio, but we strive to give back to our local community as much as, if not more than, many organizations twice our size. Every single UCT employee is… Continue Reading…

Happy UCT Halloween, past and present

Posted October, 2018 by: Debbi Myers

What is it about those years when you have those “significant number” birthdays that makes one spend time reflecting on the past? This is one of those years for me. Every October the UCT Costume Contest to benefit Toys for Tots is held. The employees dress up in costumes, and we all vote for the best with our spare change. As always,… Continue Reading…

UCT employees get creative with costumes to benefit Toys for Tots!

Posted November, 2017 by: Debbi Myers

In the late 1970’s UCT’s home office started a contest that some 40 years later has become a favorite tradition. On one day in late October we come to the office dressed up in everything from angels to vampires. One of my most challenging costumes was Princess Leia from Star Wars (have you ever tried to answer a telephone with buns of… Continue Reading…

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