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UCT Gives Back to Special Hockey Video Contest Coming Soon!

Posted on Jul 09, 2015 by: UCT

One often wonders, how much more good could be done with more money? How much more magic can we create in special hockey programs with more funding? Now 54 ASHA organizations – as well as others in Canada – are being given the chance to find out just that.

With the “UCT Gives Back” video contest, special hockey organizations are being given the opportunity to produce a video that could win them as much as $10,000! This kind of money can be life changing for many of our organizations and help supply much-needed equipment and ice time for a program.

Even though all our programs are volunteer driven, there are still many expenses that can make it challenging to keep up. There are ice costs, equipment and other expenses that programs must pay.

Many people put so much time and effort into running these programs for our athletes. It’s awesome that we have a partner like UCT to help us not only financially but also in hosting a winter hockey festival each year, which gives our athletes (stars) a chance to shine.
This is an incredible opportunity for special hockey and one that should also be fun to do. I’m excited to see the creativity in this video contest – and I’m sure the winner will be a very tough choice.

Programs create a short video up to 2 minutes long, which can be done with a small video camera or even a smart phone.

In the video, programs should explain how the $10,000 would help their program, and what UCT means to them. For this information, visit www.uct.org or www.facebook.com/UCTinAction.

The winning program will receive $10,000, but that’s not all…in addition to the $10,000 first-place prize, UCT is awarding $5,000 to the second-place winner!

The contest is open to all special hockey programs in the U.S. and Canada.

Video finalists will be posted on UCT’s Facebook page for fans to vote on the winners, and you can VOTE once per day. The videos with the most votes, or “likes,” will be the two winners.

The winning teams will be announced in December 2015 and awarded the $10,000 first place and $5,000 second place cash prizes at the 2016 UCT Winter Hockey Festival.

We encourage all special hockey programs in the U.S. and Canada to start working on their videos today! Spread the word about the video contest early so that your community is ready to vote! Good luck to all special hockey programs! #uctgivesback

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