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Annual UCT Convention about to kick off!

Posted on Jun 25, 2015 by: Anita Neal

Many of us at UCT’s home office are getting set to leave for Wichita, Kansas, for our annual convention, which kicks off on June 28. UCT members from across North America will converge on this one-time cattle town turned booming city to conduct UCT business and indulge in some fun. It’s a tradition – and it’s a good one. UCT has held a convention once a year, every year, since our founding in 1888. How many organizations can boast that?

Convention seems too, well, conventional a term for what’s essentially a three-day reunion. Yes, reports will be given and business conducted and our Board of Governors elected. But there will also be plenty of hugs and how are you’s? and gatherings to catch up on each other’s lives, because that’s what we are – a circle of friends who care about each other.

There will be recognition of members’ community service activities, including the announcement of our UCT Volunteer of the Year and the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award, because that’s what we are – an organization that’s proud of our members’ volunteer efforts that impact their communities in significant ways.

There will be presentations about building UCT brand awareness, discussion about the benefits UCT offers members, and updates about our UCT Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign to benefit special hockey teams, because that’s what we are – individuals eager to share necessary information to help build our councils and communities.

Last, but not least, there will be our presentation of donations to Rainbows United, a Wichita organization dedicated to helping children with special needs and their families, because that’s what we are – an organization that leaves a positive mark on the cities we visit each year for our convention.

Dorothy clicked her heels three times to get to Kansas. Most of us will simply fly or drive, but we’ll have a great time once we get there! To those attending the convention, we’ll see you in a few days. To those who can’t make it this year, we’ll miss you! Keep checking our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/UCTinAction for updates from Wichita!


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