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UCT Officially Kicks Off the Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign!

Posted on Jul 22, 2014 by: UCT

In an effort to increase council activity and to enhance our partnership with ASHA (American Special Hockey Association) and SHI (Special Hockey International), UCT has officially kicked off the Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign! The purpose of the capital campaign is to supply every ASHA and SHI program with a Kaye Trainer, which includes the suspension and harness.  In total, each Kaye Trainer costs $2,500 including shipping. This is an ongoing campaign until we reach our total campaign goal of $182,500, or 73 Kaye Trainers!!


The Kaye Trainer is a physical therapy device used in rehabilitation centers worldwide and manufactured in North Carolina by a company by the name of Kaye Products. Originally designed for recovery from traumatic leg/hip injuries or illnesses, two special hockey programs have now discovered an alternative use for the device. According to Dave Chase of the Valencia SNAP Flyers in California, “The device is THE safest way to teach someone how to skate!”  Check out this video of Dave explaining the benefits of the Kaye trainer used with his athletes. 




UCT officially kicked off the campaign at our 2014 convention last week in Columbus, Ohio. UCT members welcomed this capital campaign and generously contributed more than $8,000 in donations with more than $10,000 in verbal commitments on their way!


We encourage everyone to get involved by donating either the full $2,500, or whatever you can contribute to the total campaign. Every donation will help! Each time we receive or reach $2,500 in donations, we will order and donate one Kaye Trainer to an ASHA or SHI program. And yes, we are already able to order four Kaye Trainers today!!


The order in which UCT will distribute the Kaye Trainers depends upon which ASHA and SHI programs have joined UCT and formed a UCT Alternative Council. After that we will distribute in alphabetical order of team names. However, if the full $2,500 donation is received by a single donor or organization, they may choose which ASHA or SHI program will receive the Kaye Trainer through their donation. In addition, we will help to create buzz and generate media attention for the arrival celebration of the Kaye Trainer at the designated ASHA or SHI team’s rink. We want celebrate this event within local communities!


You can either donate online at www.uct.org through PayPal, or checks can be made payable to UCT Charities and mailed to the UCT home office. Please be sure to designate your check in the memo line to read “Kaye Trainer Campaign.” Each time a donation is made, the amount and the donor will be made visible on the UCT home page. You can follow the campaign’s progress by visiting www.uct.org.  


UCT is committed to our partnership with ASHA and SHI, as well as supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Join UCT today and help us support this worthy cause, and DONATE at www.uct.org!


Thank you for your ongoing support, and thanks for reading!


Jen Szymczak

Community Outreach Manager

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