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Winter Hockey Festival

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 by: UCT

NHL Hockey Fans are clearly disappointed that the season has been delayed. Not only are fans unhappy, there have been articles about ancillary businesses (bars, restaurants, etc.) being affected, particularly in Canada.  While NHL hockey has been on hold, there are other hockey teams that have continued to play. There are college and high school games to see, and the ASHA teams are still playing as well.

Since 2010, UCT has been a corporate sponsor of the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA). ASHA was created in 2000 for players with developmental disabilities.  ASHA teams give people of all ages and abilities a chance to learn more and grow by playing hockey. There are currently over 50 ASHA programs in more than 30 cities throughout theUnited States.

There are many truly inspiring and heartwarming stories about experiences of players and parents in ASHA programs. If there is an ASHA team near you, you owe it to yourself to go see a game.

Last year, UCT sponsored an outdoor tournament for ASHA teams in Toledo, Ohio. In a few months we will be sponsoring the second annual UCT Winter Hockey Festival. The tournament will be the weekend of February 15-17 at Ottawa Park in Toledo. We had 9 ASHA teams last year, and we hope to have more this year.

Even if the NHL is playing by then, if you want to see some fun hockey, stop by Ottawa Park in February.

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